... thanks to a well designed rearing concept and professional support! Next

... and that was a good thing. Next

Laura Bühring from agricultural business Starbach-Sachsen has been delighted about this ever since she started rearing her calves with the CalfExpert feeder. Next

How healthy, performance-orientated calf rearing benefits the entire dairy farm. Next

Using mother nature as an example – Optimising it in practice Next

"Little things in calf rearing are important," says the herd manager from the southern Eifel. Next

Spoilt for choice. Next

Modern calf feeding at Prehn Brook Farms in Canada Next

Hof Fischerhütte in Steenfeld uses a very well-functioning system of two MultiMax Verandas to keep their bull calves on the farm longer. Next

State-of-the-art fully automatic whole milk management in the calf barn Next

Keeping pairs in TwinHutches gives calves a good start to a social life. The Magens family is perfecting this with their own ideas. Next

A travel report from our mascot Holli from the green island in the Pacific. Next

There are many feeding recommendations for calves. But do they also take account of the development goals you have set for your newborn calves? Next

The right watering strategy following intensive calf feeding. Next

In the second part of this somewhat different travel report, we meet more exciting people on Swedish dairy and bull fattening farms. Next

A trip to successful calf rearers in Sweden Next

... or: What to watch out for regarding the osmolality of calf milk. Next

ConceptBarn with CalfExpert on the Bock family farm in Nübbel, Schleswig-Holstein Next

... doesn't exist. But dry TMR for calves comes close. Next

What really defines good feed for calves? Next

What really matters in a ruminant's development? Next

Leonie Dörr manages animals and public relations at Karlshof Next

Luicella's Ice Cream is a hit in Hamburg and the MilkTaxi helps out in the ice cream parlour Next

Healthy calves thanks to innovative ventilation and modern feeding technology Next

From the udder to the teat: hygienic whole milk feeding, fully automated without human contact. Next

Planning and commissioning of CalfExpert feeders Next

Practical advice for rearing calves in winter Next

Needs of calves in the cold season Next

Successful calf rearing Next

Improved performance in calf feeding thanks to modern feeding technology Next

Managing the family with MilkTaxi Next

Whole milk feeding – Implemented correctly! Next

The Holm & Laue CalfExpert revolutionizes a farm in Ukraine. Next

A Holm & Laue MilkTaxi becomes a cross-media deployment device Next

Adlibitum feeding and pair housing in organic calf rearing Next

Heat stress is a big problem for cows. As a result of their body size and high metabolic energy turnover, cows are very sensitive in summer, especially at the peak of lactation. This is a well-known fact. But what is the situation with calves? Next

There are many ways to determine the quality of colostrum. But none is currently more accurate than the determination with digital refractometers. The possible fields of uses are even greater. Find out in this article what else you can measure with the Holm & Laue refractometer. Next

If calf hutches are scarce, many farms keep two calves in one calf igloo. Practice confirms scientific observations that the calves develop better than in individual housing. Later in larger groups, calves which where previously kept in pairs show better social behavior. Next

Success in rearing calves means achieving the rearing goals! These goals should be measurable. Data also play an important role in modern calf husbandry. This article is about measuring and evaluating the data in the calf barn for optimal management. Next

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