Holm & Laue Igloo

Outdoor social group husbandry: up to 15 calves can be raised here in a healthy, open-plan igloo with an innovative ventilation system.

Healthy group housing in an outdoor climate. The calf decides where it feels most comfortable: in the sheltered igloo or in the covered run.

In the mobile IglooVeranda, as a new building in the IglooSystem or also as an extension to existing calf barns. The Igloo is always an affordable alternative.

The roof not only protects the calves and the feed, but also creates a pleasant and protected place to work.

Healthy outdoor climate management in the group igloo

A place of retreat for your calves

Everyone knows that draughts in your calves' resting area stress them and make them sick. On the other hand, conventional calf barns need a high air flow rate to replace stale and contaminated air. Especially calves in the first weeks of life that cannot yet compensate for these negative influences through their own body heat production. You can offer up to 15 calves a draught-free yet well-ventilated shelter with the large-capacity H&L Igloo.

Unique ventilation system and perfect temperature

The hemispherical shape of the Igloo ensures ideal ventilation: wind sweeping over the outside of the Igloo creates negative pressure at its highest point (Bernoulli’s principle). Stale air is actively drawn out of the Igloo. Since the inlet opening is 12 times larger than the exhaust openings, the air velocity in the resting area remains extremely low. There are therefore no undesirable draughts in the calves' resting area.

A special coating on the Igloo ensures maximum reflection of solar energy. For this reason, the Igloo does not heat up unnecessarily even on hot summer days and offers the calves a cool resting area. Even in winter, the temperature inside the Igloo hardly differs from the temperature outside. The animals do not start to sweat, which would lead to considerable problems.

Fast set up

Two people need only 30 minutes to put up an Igloo. Precisely pre-drilled elements, the high-quality workmanship of the shells and easy-to-understand assembly instructions all help.

Mobile or fixed barn

Whether you prefer the mobile IglooVeranda or a fixed calf pen along the lines of the IglooSystem, the concept of igloo housing offers ideal accommodation for your calves on your farm.

Solutions for existing buildings

Do you not have suitable outdoor space for an IglooSystem? Would you prefer to use an existing building? Simply open the building to ensure maximum ventilation and the Igloo will provide the necessary microclimate inside. This permits you to use existing structures without expensive conversions and, alternatively, you can also use the room as a machine shed, for straw storage or the like.

Dimensions and options

Details and technical information

  • Recommended number of calves: 15
  • Resting area: approx. 14 m²
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 390 x 440 x 220 cm
  • Entrance height: 140 cm
  • Volume: approx. 20 m³
  • Weight: 220 kg
  • Material: hand-laminated fibreglass
  • Basic configuration: 4 exhaust vents, transport hooks
  • Options: side curtains in the entrance for better weather protection in extreme conditions
* Technical specifications subject to change without notice.