Our mobile outdoor climate housing provides the maximum amount of fresh air thanks to the igloo and a covered run. The flexible alternative to a fixed barn construction.

The dual area principle: the calf can either lie protected in the Igloo or play in the run.

Flexible calf housing: grows incrementally with your farm, keeping construction costs low.

Wherever you wish to keep your calves, the Veranda is mobile and easy to move at any time.

Mobile roof for the H&L Igloo

Outdoor climate housing is ideal for calves, and the Holm & Laue calf igloo offers optimum protection. However, the perfect calf pen is only achieved with the IglooVeranda, a covered run. The IglooVeranda provides the ultimate in animal welfare with plenty of space and a variety of options – such as foldaway feeding bucket holders, concentrate dispensers and hayracks. Furthermore, the clever mobile barn can easily be moved for mucking out. But it is not just the calves that will appreciate the protected working area, but also you and your staff. What's more, feed supplies and bedding stay dry.
Mobility means flexibility, which is also noticeable in farm expansion when the calf barn can change location just like that. And at the same time, the barn solution, which usually requires no approval, is also easy on your wallet.
You can create a real oasis of well-being for yourself and your calves with the IglooVeranda and the large-capacity Holm & Laue Igloo.

Dual-area principle: the calf decides

Practice has shown that it is best to provide separate resting, activity and feeding areas. Calves at rest are then not disturbed by calves happily playing and jumping around. A calf in the IglooVeranda can decide for itself where it feels most comfortable: in the draught-protected Igloo or running, lying or feeding in the covered area out in the fresh air.

Plenty of space and movement

The H&L IglooVeranda consists of a resting area 5 x 5 m in size, which is the basic structure. Together with the area in the Igloo, this offers the calves 2.8 m² of space in which to lie down, eat or run around. This is almost twice as much as is legally required in the EU. The optional roof measuring 7 x 7.5 m ensures sufficient protection from precipitation and excessive sunlight. It can be extended to a width of 8 m on request.

Mucking out made easy

You can easily transport the Igloo and the Veranda with a front loader, with the calves staying locked in the Veranda and migrating with it to their new "home". Whether on the silo floor in summer or in front of the machinery shed in winter: you will always find a place for the H&L IglooVeranda. If you change the location every time you muck out, the calves will always grow up on a clean surface that is not pre-contaminated with bacteria. UV rays, fresh air and rain provide disinfection.

Protection against the weather for humans and animals

The calves' outdoor area features a spacious canopy, and the H&L large-capacity Igloo offers up to 15 calves a draught-free yet well-ventilated retreat. And your working area is also protected from the rain, of course.

Low investment costs

Conventional calf barns require an elaborate barn structure and ventilation systems. We recommend that you dispense with this and instead we offer the IglooVeranda with a play area and protected microclimate area. This solution is up to 70 % cheaper than conventional calf barns.

Variable feeding area layout

The 14 feeding places are equipped with a special locking safety fence. It is not possible for the calves to be caught unintentionally. Side elements and feed fences can be exchanged flexibly. Stainless steel tilting troughs are standard equipment in the feeding area. Optionally, nursing teat buckets and normal drinking buckets can also be used. This makes the IglooVeranda ideal for feeding with the MilkTaxi.

This picture shows an IglooSystem with a total of four large Igloos and a corresponding canopy.


The IglooSystem is a modular outdoor climate barn concept that can be designed and expanded according to the size of your farm. Feeding is possible by MilkTaxi or calf feeder, and mucking out can be effected flexibly from the side or from the rear. A simple and inexpensive roof protects the calf run and feeding table from rain. Would you like a plan for your farm? Then get in touch with our colleagues.

Technical specifications

Recommended number of calves14
Dimensions of basic structure500 x 500 cm, height, max. 250 cm
Roof area700 x 750 cm / 800 x 750 cm
Resting area25 m² covered / 14 m² in Igloo (2.78 m² per calf)

Basic configuration

  • 2 Holm & Laue safety feed fences for calves, each with 7 feeding places
  • 2 Stainless steel tilting troughs
  • 1 Transport hook for the front loader
  • Mounting option for an H&L feeder pen

Additional options

  • Canopy with rain pipe measuring 700 x 750 cm or optionally 800 x 750 cm
  • Teat bucket holder
  • Bucket holder (rings)
  • Hayrack
  • Concentrate feed dispenser
  • Large bedding gate (width 244 cm)
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