Healthy calves thanks to innovative ventilation and modern feeding technology

"It's about healthy calves, better quality of work and taking an advanced approach"

Christian Oswald from Upper Bavaria manages a farm for rearing young cattle for four other farms. A new barn for the young stock will now simplify this work. We spoke to him about this.

The working capacity on Christian Oswald's farm is very limited. This makes it necessary to find efficient solutions that are well adapted to the animals, which is why Christian chose the Holm & Laue CalfExpert for his new barn. "My wife and a co-worker are responsible for feeding the calves. Lugging heavy buckets and mixing milk by hand is no longer appropriate these days, so why not take a more advanced approach?"

The advantages of the Holm & Laue CalfExpert

The CalfExpert works flawlessly on the Oswald farm and the calves develop very well and enjoy better health. "CalfExpert was absolutely the right decision for both us and our animals. We have more time, better work quality and a good overview of the calves. Of course, we considered several alternatives, but the positive feedback from other farmers, the high standard of quality and the excellent service from Holm & Laue ultimately clinched it for us. I especially like the fact that I'm always up to date with automatic software updates, and upgrading with additional components is no problem either."

When we ask Christian Oswald if he can recommend our feeding technology, he answers: "Absolutely. I believe every dairy farmer can benefit from a MilkTaxi or CalfExpert. You can always find the right option depending on how big the farm in question is."

CEX with 2 HygieneStations and calves in 2 groups

Good barn ventilation

When Christian and his wife were planning the barn, their focus was not only on feeding the calves, but also on ventilation in the barn. As Managing Director of Dr. Knopf & Oswald GmbH, which sells innovative barn ventilation systems, it's no wonder. "Proper barn ventilation is very important and crucial for success - it is not to be neglected under any circumstances, especially in the case of young stock. This is how we avoid respiratory diseases in our calves and increase their well-being in our new barn."

What about you: how do you care for your little ones? What problems does your calf barn present and can we perhaps work together with you to find solutions? Or are you also planning a new calf barn, but are not sure what is best for your calves and your way of working? If so, please call us or send us an e-mail. We' ll be very happy to assist you.

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