Calf-Tel and FlexyFence

Flexible, hygienic individual housing with Calf-Tel igloos and a Holm & Laue FlexyFence run – including easy two-wheeled hutch transport.

The well planned housing of single animals: healthy calves thanks to a smart ventilation system.

Proven Calf-Tel hutches combined with the innovative Holm & Laue FlexyFence.

Enter the box while the calf continues to feed. Can be folded up for transport and cleaning.

Calf-Tel hutch and FlexyFence – healthy rearing in individual hutches

Raising calves in individual igloos has a long tradition. Calves are separated in individual pens, which limits the transmission of bacteria. Calf-Tel hutches have been protecting calves around the world in bad weather for almost 40 years. The Holm & Laue FlexyFence complements the excellent properties of the Calf-Tel igloo with a wide range of options.
Calf-Tel hutches also offer your calves the accommodation that is ideal for your farm, thanks to the range of models and options. This is because every dairy farm is different, including our own. The innovative FlexyFence makes your daily work with calves easier. You can quickly access the calves and easily transport the hutch together with the fence on two wheels.
Our 10-year warranty on the Calf-Tel hutches represents a unique promise of quality and the certainty that you will be able to enjoy your calf pens for a long time.
Maximum flexibility, optimum hygiene and efficient working all contribute to the profitability and success of your calf rearing.

The smart FlexyFence

Our run features many convincing details that make daily work with calves a lot easier. The side-mounted wheels run alongside the straw mat and facilitate transport from the hutch to the washing area. The panels in the side walls protect the calf from draughts and prevent straw from blowing away. The hutch can be folded into the fence, but the fence can also be folded over the hutch.


The Calf Tel hutches have a unique feature: they are indestructible! A special thermoforming manufacture process in combination with the highest-quality polyethylene results in unrivalled stability, durability, and longevity. The material is 100% UV-proof. We provide a 10 year warranty on the plastic components.

Sturdy single pen: which lasts, and lasts and....

Easy to clean and transport

All calf pens, even the large ones, can be easily tipped into the FlexyFence using the handle on the rear and thus easily rolled to the washing area. This means that the area can be mucked out quickly and easily with the wheel loader, and the smooth surface of the igloo also makes cleaning the hutch a pleasant task.

Dry space and optimum ventilation

The large opening of the bedding flap provides an ideal opportunity to spread bedding in the hutch exactly where the calf most often lies. The flap is also part of the ingenious ventilation system. The bedding flap can serve as additional ventilation in summer in addition to the openings in the roof that match the size of the igloo opening. This guarantees fresh air and optimum temperatures in the box at all times. Since the hutch is always dry, it is ideal to provide hay in a hayrack. The latter is simply mounted underneath the bedding flap and can therefore be quickly filled up.

The perfect place for the feeder

The feed bucket is mounted next to the entrance door. You can leave the run through the door once the calf has been trained. The feed bucket hangs at an angle so that no residue remains in it.

Fresh water and concentrate

The FlexyFence is equipped with two bucket rings to ensure that the calves always have fresh water and concentrate. We recommend feeding concentrates in shallow bowls.

You can also hang the Holm & Laue feed box in the fence if there is no weather protection in the form of a canopy – as is available in the CalfGarden. Concentrate and hay are protected against rain there.

FlexyFence Duo

The adapted FlexyFence allows access to the neighbouring hut through a small gate. This gives you the flexibility of bringing calves together spontaneously or separating them, e.g. in case of infections or when feeding. A good concept to switch flexibly between single and mini-group housing.


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Transport assistance

Thanks to its lever mechanism, our transport aid makes it much easier to move the TwinHutch for cleaning or to a new location.

Models and dimensions

The Calf-Tel ECO is easy to handle and shorter than the Pro II. This makes the ECO very easy to clean, store and transport. The large entrance door provides easy access to the hutch and a good view into the box. The Pro II offers excellent protection for calves. The depth of the hutch means that they can find shelter in the rear area, especially in winter or in damp weather, and the offset entrance opening prevents draughts. Furthermore, the multifunctional flap on this model has the advantage of making it easier to check on the animals, as you can easily see into the long box from here. With its completely open front, the Pro II OpenFront facilitates access to the calf and enables the animal to be checked quickly as you pass by.

Calf-Tel Eco with FlexyFence

ECO model

  • Hutch exterior (L x W x H): 187 cm x 118 cm x 137 cm
  • Hutch interior (L x W x H): 179 cm x 110 cm x 122 cm
  • Dimensions with FlexyFence and buckets (L x W x H): 353 cm x 126 cm x 98 cm (FlexyFence height)
  • Available space: approx. 3.6 m²
  • Weight: approx. 21 kg
* Technical specifications subject to change without notice.
Calf-Tel Pro 2 including FlexyFence

Pro II model*

  • Hutch exterior: 220 cm x 122 cm x 140 cm
  • Hutch interior: 212 cm x 114 cm x 122 cm
  • Dimensions with FlexyFence and buckets: 380 cm x 126 cm x 98 cm (FlexyFence height)
  • Available space: 4 m²
  • Weight: 33 kg
* Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

Pro II OpenFront model*

  • Hutch exterior: 220 cm x 122 cm x 140 cm
  • Hutch interior: 212 cm x 114 cm x 122 cm
  • Dimensions with FlexyFence and buckets: 380 cm x 126 cm x 98 cm (FlexyFence height)
* Technical specifications subject to change without notice.
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